Barolo “Priore” - Cantine Povero

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Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly


Italy, Piedmont

Red, Full Bodied, Classic Reds, Vegetarian / Vegan Friendly


A fine, expressive style with Barolo's classic combination of mature, lightly floral aromas with richness and structure. Dark plum, leather and delicate violet aromas, plus notes of woodsmoke and brown spice. A full, firm and ripe red with rich, powerful flavours. All balanced by ripe tannins, complex savoury notes and a long finish.

Heritage of both family and the land are of paramount importance to Cantine Povero. Just as knowledge and wisdom are passed on to each successive generation of winemaker so too are their efforts in rejuvenating and sustaining their soils and vineyards. Currently transitioning to organic viticulture.

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