Bianco di Custoza Gorgo

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Italy, Veneto

White, Light Bodied, Fruity, Unoaked

Cortese, Garnanega, Trebbiano

This elegant white from the Bianco di Custoza region of Veneto has a fresh nose of apple and honeysuckle. The palate is soft and round with pink lady apples, lemon peel and peaches, fresh acidity and a pronounced mineral note gives good balance and structure to the wine.

Gorgo was established in 1973 in the village of Custoza. Originally only 22 hectares, the estate now stretched over 60 hectares in the ‘Bianco di Custoza’ and ‘Bardolino’ production areas.
All the wines are hand crafted and of very high quality. The light, weight soils of the region are full of pebbles and silt rich in calcium which gives the wines a distinctive mineral character.

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