De Wetshof Estate Bon Vallon Chardonnay Sur Lie

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Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly


South Africa, Robertson

White, Juicy, Medium Bodied, Unoaked, Vegetarian / Vegan Friendly


Located 160km North of Cape Town the Robertson Valley, the chilly southern ocean breezes are funnelled up the valley and give cooling respite to the vines throughout the growing season. Quite high concentrations of lime are found in the soil and this makes the area exceptionally fine for white grape varieties.  

This is a fresh and expressive unwooded Chardonnay, matured on its lees to produce a vibrant, lemony dry wine with a yeasty and delicate nutty finish. A great example of quality winemaking.

Great by the glass it goes well with Caesar Salad or seared salmon or tuna. Equally, will complement grilled or roasted white meats and pan-fried duck. 

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